Salman Khan is not only an actor, a producer but also a kind human being. In spite of these Salman Khan had many criminal cases. Everyone knows about Salman Khan life story and cases. Salman Khan proved some cases wrong in front of the judge. but now Salman Khan faces some cases. we pray that one day the court decision let Salman khan free.

Salman khan cases list Below;

  • Blackbuck poaching case
  • Hit and run case.

Salman Khan Blackbuck Poaching case

Our superstar Salman Khan header criminal charge to hunting a blackbuck. this case is running since 1998 And booked under section 51 of the wildlife act. this act gives Salman Khan into the jail of maximum 6 years. In beginning Tabbu, Sonali Bendre, Neelam and Saif Ali Khan also guilty in blackbuck poaching case but now they four are free from blackbuck poaching case. blackbuck poaching case was initiated during the shooting period of blockbuster movie Hum Saath Saath Hai. (family movie).

Salman Khan appeared many times at court regarding the blackbuck poaching case. Salman khan black poaching case is running now. Salman Khan has to appear in front of the Jodhpur court on 4 July 2019. Salman Khan bail was Permitted by Jodhpur High Court. Now Salman is on bail. Now he is busy for Salman khan upcoming movies shooting.

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case

Salman Khan hit and run case(2002-2015)

The actor Salman Khan was accused of running his car over some persons sleeping on the pavement in suburban Bandra in 2002. In this accident, One person had died and the rest four were injured. The trial courts punished Salman a five-year jail.

Before some months the session court held Salman Khan guilty. In December 2015, The Bombay Court had free Salman Khan on all criminal charges for a lack of substantial evidence.

salman proves that he is innocent and the court let Salman free from all criminal charges. Salman Khan is not only a famous actor but a great man. Salman has a kind heart. He always ready to help every needy person. From 2002 to 2015 it was a very bad time for Salman Khan, But after this journey, Salman Khan feels relaxed and get back fans attention.

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