“PM Narendra Modi” is an upcoming Indian Biographical Film. Narendra Modi Film Directed By Omung Kumar. Pm Narendra Modi Film Produced By Suresh Oberoi, Sandeep s. Singh, Anand pandit. Pm Narendra Modi Film is Based on Narendra Modi biography. Narendra Modi 14th Prime Minister of India. Starring Vivek Oberoi is in Lead Role of pm Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi Film First look was released on January 2019. Upcoming Movies of Vivek Oberoi is “PM Narendra Modi”.

Pm Narendra Modi film will release in 23 different languages. Movie shooting began January 27, 2019, in Ahmedabad Gujarat. The final movie shooting was held at Mumbai. some important life scene and political scene of Narendra Modi was shooted in Uttarkashi district. Vivek Oberoi was injured during the shoot while doing a scene in Uttarkashi. Pm Narendra Modi film was Releasing on 5 April 2019, but due to court ban, the movie will be released on 24 May 2019.


Biopic of Narendra Modi is “PM Narendra Modi”. Pm Narendra Modi movie show the courage, wisdom, patience, dedication to his people, political strength, the leadership of our Narendra Modi. This movie based on the real-life of Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi is our respective prime minister. He is very hard working. As we know he is the backbone of our country. In this movie, we will see how Narendra Modi work. PM Narendra Moti is our inspiration. Pm Narendra Modi Movie Release Date now not Confirmed. Finally, Our Waiting time is Over, The movie “PM NARENDRA MODI” will be released on 24 May 2019.

Why “PM NARENDRA MODI” movie banned??

NSUI Goa, the student wing of Congress party has written to the election commission to ban the screening of the film claiming it violates the model code of conduct of the election. Election commission cleared the release saying the film has not violated the model code of conduct.

Further, the commission said the central board of film certification (CVFC) was the capable authority to decide all the matter. the plea was filed at the supreme court of India to stop the release but the plea was rejected. on 9th April 2019, the film was censored by the CBFC and was given a “U”(no restriction) Certificate.

What is the Model Code Of Conduct??

Model Code of Conduct is a set of a guideline issued by the Election commission of India for the conduct of political parties and candidates during election mainly with respect to speeches, polling day, polling booths, portfolio, processions, and general conducts.

List of Pm Narendra Modi Movie Team

Director – Omang Kumar

Producer – Suresh Oberoi, Sandip s. Singh, Anand pandit, acharya Manish, Zafar Mehdi

Writer – Harsh Limbachiyaa, Anirudh Chawla, Vivek Oberoi

Story – Sandeep S. Singh

Starring – Vivek Oberoi

Music – Hitesh Modak, Sashi Khushi, AR. Rehman

Production Company – Legend Global Studio, Anand Pandit Motion Pictures

Narendra Modi Movie Release Date – 24 May 2019

Running Time – 2 Hours 10 Minutes (130 minutes)

Shooting Start Date – 27 January 2019


Vivek Oberoi role as Narendra Modi.

Boman Irani role as Ratan Tata.

Manoj Joshi role as Amit Shah

Kishori Shahane role as Indira Gandhi.

Darshan Kumar

Prashant Narayan

Zarina wahab as Heera ben Modi ( narendra modi’s Mother).

Imran Hasnee role as Zafar

Barkha Bisht sen Gupta as role in Jashoda ben modi.

Yatin Kary

Pm Narendra Modi biopic stopped by election commission :

Narendra Modi Movie ban. The election commission has stopped the release of PM NARENDRA MODI till May 19. PM NARENDRA MODI biopic on our prime minister Narendra Modi. The commission said that any biopic effectively banning the screening of the film. Against The Election Commission decision, Pm Narendra Modi biopic producer appealed in the supreme court. The court hearing will on 15 April  2019.

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